Beauty and the Beast: Disney classic is getting a prequel

Also: could Emma Watson play a role?

by Pierre Lorenz on March 11, 2020

Disney announces the next film remake for its classic "Beauty and the Beast". Similar to the already announced lady and the tramp, this film will be released exclusively on the in-house streaming service Disney+. However As the Hollywood Reporter reports, the Disney project "Beauty and the Beast" will not be a movie but a prequel series. This miniseries will consist of six episodes and will tell the Origin story of Gaston and LeFou. For this purpose, the actors from the movie Luke Evans and Josh Gad will return. In addition, the industry magazine claims to have found out that guest appearances of Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Prince are planned. Also, the behind-the-scenes showrunner duo of Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who became famous through the fantasy series "Once Upon A Time", seem promising for the upcoming mini-series.

Regarding the making of the series, it is known that "Beauty and the Beast" is a musical series. In this context, Disney is in ongoing negotiations with Academy Award winner Alan Menken, who also composed the film music for the original.

When the series will be released is currently not yet known, but of course we will keep you up to date.

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