Eternals 2: Patton Oswalt Surprisingly Reveals Sequel

At Comic-Con in San Diego there was no mention of a sequel yet

by Pierre Lorenz on August 4, 2022

The "Eternals" actor Patton Oswalt was a guest on the Today Show just some days ago. There, the 53-year-old made waves when he suddenly spoke about the "Eternals" sequel. The 10-second clip of his statement quickly went viral, and many were surprised at how naturally he expressed himself about the sequel. He literally said that the people in charge had announced an "Eternals" sequel, which would once again be directed by Chloé Zhao. In conclusion, he hopes for more adventures of Starfox and Pip. Especially because Marvel had a lot of info up its sleeve at the last Comic-Con, but did not say anything about "Eternals 2", Oswalt's statement truly came out of nowhere. The question is when and in what form this possible sequel could be released, as actually only one slot can be considered in Phase 6 of the MCU. Therefore, we are still in need of clarification and it remains to be seen whether Oswalt simply made a slip of the tongue or whether there really is some truth behind the sequel. 

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