The Wandering Earth: Chinese movie soon to be shown on Netflix

The apocalyptic blockbuster is one of the most successful films in China!

by Robin Klaiber on February 20, 2019

The second most successful Chinese feature film of all time will soon be released on Netflix. It is a science fiction film called The Wandering Earth, which was released in Chinese cinemas on February 5 and has already earned 600 million US dollars. And even though this film has been shown exclusively in China and hardly a film fan has heard of it, Netflix secured the rights to the very successful blockbuster and will soon make it available for the rest of the world. The story is about the apocalyptic scenario of the dying sun, which will expand hundreds of times and destroy every life on earth. Therefore the earth is supposed to be torn out of orbit by gigantic engines in order to save mankind. Sounds exciting, and also what special effects will be offered sounds huge. In addition to over 10 000 props purchased especially for the film, there will also be more than 2000 special effect shots. So at this point we don't know when the film will be released on Netflix, but what we can expect is a science fiction spectacle similar to Interstellar.

Image of The Lord of the Rings series, Alita 2, The Wandering Earth