Tom and Jerry remake in 2021?

A Marvel Star will also be involved

by Pierre Lorenz on May 23, 2019

The real film version of the Tom and Jerry cartoon becomes more and more concrete, and so

Ant Man actor Michael Pena a.k.a. Luis was engaged for the cast a few days ago after Chloe

Grace Moretz.

He is to play the role of the villain and opponent to Tom and Jerry. He will appear in the form

of the assistant hotel manager Terrance, who not only harasses his employee Kayla, played

by Moretz, but also wants to eliminate Jerry and later also Tom. So it is time to stick together

and let Kayla, Tom and Jerry defeat Terrance.

For behind the camera Tim Story was hired, who also directed Fantastic Four.

The US-American release date of the Tom and Jerry movie is April 16, 2021

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