Spider-Man director directs film about the Bermuda Triangle

Webb's latest film is the live-action adaptation of "Snow White" starring Rachel Zegler

by Jonas Reichel on September 21, 2023

One of the greatest mysteries is getting its own feature film: "The Amazing Spider-Man" director Marc Webb is devoting himself to the Bermuda Triangle.

The adventure film "Bermuda" will be about the "Devil's Triangle", which is feared by sailors and where ships and aircrafts mysteriously disappear from time to time. The project has been in development for ages and was going to be directed by a wide variety of directors.

Originally, a darker version was planned and horror experts like Sam Raimi and Scott Derrickson were supposed to be responsible. However, it did not work out and that's why the film project disappeared from the scene for a few years. With the casting of Marc Webb, however, the project seems to be coming back to life and the story of the Bermuda Triangle is going to be made into a big blockbuster movie.

Since the film is currently still in a very early phase of development, not too much is known about the script and a possible cast. We remain curious!

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