Deadpool 3: Age rating confirmed by Kevin Feige

Besides, Deadpool is to become part of the MCU!

by Pierre Lorenz on January 11, 2021

MCU boss Kevin Feige provided us with two exciting pieces of news about "Deadpool" this week. Feige announced in an interview at the occasion of the "WandaVision'' release on Disney+ that the third part, similar to the preceding ones, will not cut back on fake blood and brutality. In addition, he confirms that "Deadpool 3" will again receive an R-rating and that they are currently writing the script and the screenplay together with Ryan Reynolds. Many fans should be quite relieved, because in the past it was often said that there were no plans for "Deadpool" in the near future.

Another good news for all fans of the hilarious mercenary is that Deadpool will henceforth be part of the MCU. This was previously not the case, as the franchise belonged to 20th Century Fox before the Disney takeover. However, there is one small drop of bitterness for impatient fans, because Feige reiterated that the film will not be made this year. This is primarily due to Ryan Reynolds' busy schedule, which is why a release date prior to 2023 seems very unrealistic.

Yet, that's not the only thing Feige had to say about the MCU. Among other things, he confirmed that he expects another "Avengers" movie to be released in the future. That's not really surprising. After all, Marvel delivered the most successful film of all time with "Avengers: Endgame". Nevertheless, popular characters like Iron Man and Captain America will of course have to be bid farewell, as others will follow in their footsteps. So what an upcoming "Avengers" movie might look like is still up in the air. We do hope to find out more about Phase 5 of the MCU!

Image of Deadpool 3, Avengers 5, The Tomorrow War