Officially confirmed: "Mad Max Furiosa" is coming!

Charlize Theron is no longer under discussion?

by Pierre Lorenz on May 17, 2020

After "Mad Max: Fury Road" was a great success, especially with critics, it was clear to director George Miller that he would work on several follow-up projects. However, before it's Mad Max's turn in the leading role again, there will be a prequel about the fan favorite Furiosa. As Miller announced a few days ago, Charlize Theron, who very credibly impersonated her character Furiosa in "Mad Max: Fury Road", will not return to the camera for the prequel. The reason is obvious: for a prequel around the story of Furiosa you need a younger actress. Anya Taylor-Joy and Jodie Comer are supposed to be in the casting for this role so far. Miller also explained that he had also considered having Charlize Theron digitally rejuvenated, as was the case most recently with Martin Scorsese's mafia film "The Irishman". But Miller told the New York Times that he had finally rejected the plans.

But who will at least definitely return is cameraman John Seale and set designer Colin Gibson. With their work, both have played a decisive role in making the look of "Fury Road" so unique. Gibson even won an Oscar for his work afterwards.

Because of the much younger leading actress we suspect that "Furiosa" will play some years before "Fury Road". So the focus will most likely be on her youth and her time in the so-called "Green Land". In the movie she also reports that she hasn't seen her home country for at least 7000 days, which is about 20 years and thus can be seen as a rough distance between the prequel and "Mad Max: Fury Road".

It might still take some time until the movie's release, as director Miller has to finish his fantasy epic "Three Thousand Years Of Lightning" first. Therefore, a release of "Furiosa" before 2023 seems pretty unlikely.

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