The Terminal List: There's a new action series with Chris Pratt coming in summer

Amazon officially announced the release date

by Pierre Lorenz on February 21, 2022

Last year, "The Tomorrow War" was the first collaboration between Chris Pratt and Amazon Prime Video. As has now been officially announced, Pratt's next Amazon project has already been given a new start date. It's the thriller series "The Terminal List", which revolves around Navy SEAL commander James Reece, played by Pratt, and his squad during their mission in Afghanistan. After a Taliban ambush, nearly the entire team is wiped out, while Reece returns home severely traumatized and racked with guilt. He later realizes that dark deeds are probably behind his fate and are working against him. In addition to Pratt, other stars on board include Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards, Constance Wu as Katie Buranek, Riley Keough as Lauren Reece and Patrick Schwarzenegger as Donny Mitchell. "The Terminal List" is scheduled for release on Amazon Prime Video on July 01, 2022. 

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