Twisted Metal: New series on the hit game lands at Peacock

MCU Star Anthony Mackie takes the lead role

by Pierre Lorenz on March 1, 2022

27 years ago, Sony Computer Entertainment released the first spin-off of the "Twisted Metal" series, which is a mixture of shooter and racing game. After a movie adaption announced in 2012 never appeared, Sony decided to pack the story into a series at the beginning of 2019. Filming has so far failed to materialize, but it has now been announced that streaming service Peacock has secured the rights and will air the series. In the lead role we see Sam Wilson actor Anthony Mackie, who portrays John Doe, who suffers from amnesia. John Doe is a talkative milkman who delivers a mysterious package in dangerous, post-apocalyptic lands and has to face off against less friendly fellows along the way. According to officials, "Twisted Metal" is said to be an adrenaline-fueled comedy series. The plot is based on the well-known PlayStation games and is conceived by the two "Deadpool" writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Incidentally, among the countless enemies John Doe will have to face is a clown who drives a familiar ice cream truck and should look familiar to fans of the franchise. It is not yet known when exactly the "Twisted Metal" series will be released. 

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