Warner Bros. Ends Production of the Arkham Asylum Series

The series had to deal with major problems in the past

by Jonas Reichel on July 9, 2024

Bad news for all DC fans: Warner Bros. is discontinuing work on the "Arkham Asylum" series by Matt Reeves.

This was announced by Variety. However, this is not particularly surprising, as the series had been struggling with significant problems in recent years. "Arkham Asylum" was originally planned under the title "Gotham Central" as an extension of "The Batman" universe and was to deal with the internal operations of the Gotham Police Department. Terrence Winter was initially set to be the writer and executive producer, but left the project in November 2020 due to creative differences. Joe Barton was then hired as a writer, but he, too, was ultimately dismissed by Warner Bros.

In October 2022, director Matt Reves then commented on the status of the series and announced that "Gotham PD", as it was titled at the time, would no longer be made. Instead, they now want to focus on a story about the infamous Arkham Asylum prison. Antonio Campos – known for Netflix's "Punisher" series – was appointed as showrunner.

However, he didn't stay long either, as James Gunn and Peter Safran took over the management of DC shortly afterwards and began a major restructuring process. Gunn explained in a social media post in December 2023 that although the show was still in development, it would be set in a different universe and therefore not in the same world as "The Batman".

It is still possible, though, that a new project set in Gotham City's infamous asylum will be developed in the future. Until then, Gotham fans should still have plenty to look forward to: After all, we can still expect "The Penguin" series with Colin Farrell as well as "The Batman 2", which is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on October 2, 2026.