Godzilla: New Netflix series in production

The plot is supposed to be detached from the films

by Pierre Lorenz on October 7, 2020

A "Godzilla" anime series is currently in progress for Netflix. Although not much is known about the actual plot yet, at least the signing of the award-winning Japanese Sci-Fi author Toh EnJoe could be announced. For the visual design, two well-known designers were also hired, namely "Blue Exorcist" creator Kazue Katô and Eiji Yamamori, who has already worked on "Princess Mononoke" and "Spirited away". After the "Godzilla" anime trilogy "Planet of the Monsters" and "The Planet Eater", we are definitely looking forward to the series.

The series will be called " Godzilla: Singular Point" and is planned to be released on Netflix in the course of next year.

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