Halloween movies: Two sequels of the horror series in progress

Allegedly this one sequel is supposed to tie directly to "Halloween" (1978)

by Pierre Lorenz on October 11, 2019

Halloween is getting closer and closer, And so is the time of horror movie releases. Of course, THE Halloween figure should not be missing, Michael Myers. He made an incredible comeback last year in David Gordon Green's film. Now the movie Halloween Kills is supposed to tie directly to the celebrated first Halloween part of John Carpenter from 1978 and ignore all other sequels. even the old actors from the first part are now engaged again, for example Charles Cyphers. The now 80-year-old already impersonated Sheriff Leigh Brackett in the first two parts of Halloween and will now be seen as the same in front of the camera again. Also back in their old roles will be Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, Nick Castle as Michael Myers and Nancy Stevens as Sister Marion.

Michael Myer's sister Laurie Strode, who already made his life much harder in the 2018 remake, should not be missing either.

A well-known location from the second part has already been leaked, which is the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. To what extent the Halloween 2 location will be filled with similar scenes and murders can only be speculated.

Halloween Kills will be released on October 16, 2020, its successor Halloween End will be released one year later on October 16, 2021.

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