Filming on the "Highlander" Reboot Starts in January 2025

There will be a special emphasis on sword fighting

by Jonas Reichel on July 1, 2024

At last! The reboot of the fantasy classic "Highlander" starring Henry Cavill is making further progress, as filming is set to begin next year.

Director Chad Stahelski revealed to Collider that "Highlander" will start shooting in Scotland in January 2025. Although the plot of the new "Highlander" movie will pick up on various elements of the previous TV series and films, it will not be a remake of the original movie. Ideally, the reboot is intended to provide the basis for further movies and thus revitalize the franchise. There will be special attention paid to sword fighting. Stahelski emphasized how difficult it is to teach the actors how to handle the weapon convincingly. It therefore requires immense amounts of preparation and dedication to create realistic and captivating action sequences.

The leading role will be played by superstar Henry Cavill. According to rumors, he could then meet Michael Fassbender, who is to play the villain. There is no release date yet, but a speedy production might make it possible to release the film in 2026. We'll keep you up to date as always!

Image of Highlander Remake Starring Henry Cavill, Godzilla x Kong 3, Gladiator 2