The Meg 2: Sequel Set To Be Even More Tremendous Than Its Predecessor

Director plans even crazier action with lead actor Jason Statham

by Pierre Lorenz on April 16, 2021

Jon Turteltaub's "Meg" from 2018 thrilled fans not only because of its humor, but above all due to the immense underwater action. Once the box-office takings quadrupled the budget, it was clear that a second part centered on the 20-meter-long prehistoric shark was inevitable. Since Turteltaub is no longer available as director, Ben Wheatley has volunteered to direct the film. In an interview with, he philosophizes about having the opportunity to bring action to the screen on an incredibly large scale. Furthermore, he said, he wants to make sure that shark fans around the globe get their money's worth. Co-responsible for this is again the well-known producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who shares duties together with Belle Avery and Catherine Xujun Ying. The extent to which the book of the same name by Steve Alten will serve as a reference for "The Meg 2" is still unclear, but it can be assumed that screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber will certainly borrow elements from the eight-part book series. It is also uncertain at this point who else will return to the screen besides Jason Statham. We are eagerly awaiting further news about "The Meg 2" and hope that the theatrical release will be announced soon, since shooting will start in two months time. 

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