New Karate Kid Movie to Be a Huge Crossover with Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio

The movie is due to be released in theaters on December 13, 2024

by Jonas Reichel on November 22, 2023

What a sensation! In a jointly published video, Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio announced that they would be starring together in the next "The Karate Kid" installment.

Another movie of the popular "The Karate Kid" franchise, which was last rebooted over 13 years ago, is set for release next year. Another part is to follow, in which Ralph Macchio - the Karate Kid from the first movie in 1984 - and Jackie Chan are to come together. The two actors announced this via a video and also disclosed that they are currently looking to cast the new main character. The new Karate Kid bears the role name Li Fong and will be a teenager between the ages of 15 and 17 of Chinese descent. The character is described as "smart, scrappy and a skilled martial artist."

Jackie Chan already starred in the reboot as the main character's mentor, while Ralph Macchio also reprised his role in the spin-off series "Cobra Kai". The new "Karate Kid" movie will be directed by Jonathan Entwistle, who is best known for his Netflix series "I Am Not Okay with This". The screenplay is by author Rob Lieber, who previously worked on "Peter Rabbit" and "Goosebumps 2". The theatrical release for the new movie is slated for December 13, 2024.

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