First Posters for The Boys Season 4 Released

The Boys season 4 is to follow on directly from Gen V

by Tom Hartig on November 9, 2023

The first news from "The Boys" season 4 is here: Amazon presents two legendary characters whose return fans can hardly wait for.

Season 4 of the brutal superhero series "The Boys" will be released in 2024. Two new posters show Homelander and Butcher surrounded by confetti and balloons. While Homelander is celebrating, Butcher doesn't seem quite as happy with the situation. The festive mood presumably alludes to the upcoming election day in the United States, which was already a topic at the end of season 3.

Eric Kripke, the showrunner of "The Boys," previously revealed to Variety that season 4 will take place only a short time after the events of the last episode of the spin-off series "Gen V". Season 2 of "Gen V," in turn, will be set after "The Boys" season 4. They therefore want to keep the timeline of the series as clear as possible - in contrast to certain other superhero universes. The events from the spin-off will also have an impact on the story of the main series. However, the creators emphasize that you don't need to have watched "Gen V" to enjoy "The Boys."

Currently, there is no fixed release date. Only the year 2024 has been confirmed. Due to the delays caused by the strikes, we expect a release in the second half of the year.

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