Cinematic error in "Game Of Thrones"

This detail went viral last week

by Pierre Lorenz on May 9, 2019

Hardly any other topic dominated the social media last week as much as the apparent Star

Bucks coffee cup that appeared in the new Game Of Thrones episode. Many fans asked

themselves how no one in the team seems to have noticed that a coffee cup is on the table

at minute 17 in the middle of a series that has been so elaborately produced.

Then half the world felt it was time to add their own part to it and countless memes were

created. On the part of the GoT team they did exactly the right thing, because first they

announced with a wink that there was no coffee at all in the mentioned cup, but herbal tea,

as an answer to the huge Shitstorm, and then they had it removed by a CGI professional.

At the end everything is not such big of a deal, but in the future many will still have to think

of the strange coffee cup in season 8, episode 4.

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