Uncharted: First pictures of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg

The stagnating production seems to have finally come to an end

by Pierre Lorenz on October 26, 2020

A few days ago, Tom Holland delivered a first picture of him in his role as video game hero and adventurer Nathan Drake. The opinions about the outdoor outfit of the "Spider-Man" star are mostly positive, so you can definitely look forward to a convincing role as young Nate. Of course, this is a relatively big step compared to the video games, where you always play the much older Nate, except for a few sequences. It seems that the movie will develop towards a prequel-story of the first adventures, which is why the main actor seems unusually young. Nate's mentor, Victor Sullivan, who is played by Mark Wahlberg, is also undergoing a rejuvenating treatment. The 49-year-old recently published a video with Sully's characteristic moustache on Instagram. If you put Wahlberg's appearance next to the video game character, a similarity is definitely evident.

Further footage is provided by Nolan North, the video game actor of Nathan Drake. He recently visited the film set and had a pleasant chat with Tom Holland. He also shares a book with the image of the sailor Magellan and a mysterious artifact with his followers. We are definitely curious to see what the "Uncharted" team will do with the upcoming blockbuster and are looking forward to the estimated release date on July 16th, 2021.

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