Loki: First Trailer for Season 2 Released

"Loki" is the only MCU series to have a second season so far

by Pierre Lorenz on September 13, 2022

Disney did not miss the opportunity to announce news about the second season of "Loki" at the recent D23 Expo. In addition to the new cast member Jonathan Ke Quan, who is known as Shorty from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", those present were also treated to a first trailer. The short clip shows the main character Loki limping down a long hallway. Along with unsettling music, a voiceover can be heard in which he says that he was pulled through time and saw terrible things. Moreover, not only TVA but the entire universe would be facing complete destruction after the events of the first season. He and Mobius reunite, however, it is obvious that Loki has definitely ended up in another world where no one recognizes him. In the meantime, Sylvie is seen in a living room. She apparently has not yet found inner peace after killing He Who Remains. She also seems to have no memory of Loki. So it is unclear when the two will meet again. Recent addition Jonathan Ke Quan only shows up in a brief scene where he looks like a TVA employee. According to some reports, the trailer makes a very creepy impression, at times it could even be mistaken for a horror movie. Tom Hiddleston, who was one of the star guests at the presentation, added that the mainly returning cast will be exploring a much more dangerous multiverse than in the first season. 

Judging by the trailer description, we are definitely excited to hopefully see it with our own eyes soon. "Loki" Season 2 will be released on Disney+ in 2023.