An Among Us Series is in the Works

The cult game becomes an animated series

by Tom Hartig on June 27, 2023

The video game hit "Among Us" is taking the next step: The cult game is now to be released as a series! According to an exclusive report from Variety, the developer studio Innersloth is working with CBS Eye Animation Productions to turn the game into an animated series.

The "Among Us" series is, of course, based on the concept of the game: the crew of a spaceship is infiltrated by an alien shapeshifter who causes confusion, sabotages the ship and wants to kill everyone. The question is: will the crew succeed in hunting down the so-called "Impostor" or will his diabolical plan work?

The series is being produced by the animation studio Titmouse. Titmouse is best known for its series "Big Mouth" and "Star Trek: Lower Decks". The main creator is Owen Dennis, who previously worked on the Cartoon Network series "Infinity Train". At this time, it is not known which network or streaming service will show "Among Us", with talks currently ongoing.

The game "Among Us" was first released in 2018 and experienced a massive surge in popularity in 2020, topping download charts almost everywhere. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the game had nearly 500 million monthly active users, over 4 billion views on YouTube, and more than 1.22 billion sessions on Twitch.

Many fans are certainly excited to see how the popular game will do as a series. As soon as more details and a possible release date for the "Among Us" series are known, we will let you know, of course!

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