"Freddy Mercury" as the new Bond villain?

Is an engagement of Rami Malek realistic?

by Robin Klaiber on February 28, 2019

Various rumours are currently spreading around James Bond 25 with Daniel Craig. One of them is that Oscar-winner Rami Malek is supposed to be the desired choice of the Bond villain.

This seemed extremely unlikely for a long time, as Malek's shooting schedule for Mr Robot's final season would have put a spoke in the wheel. However, as the Bond producers are desperate to win over the highly wanted Malek, a compromise has been reached, according to some well-connected sources. Rami Malek is supposed to switch back and forth between the sets. At the moment they are still in the salary negotiations, which will be anything but cheap for the Bond team. After all, the actor's market value increases enormously with his Oscar win. On Daniel Craig's side as James Bond there should also be two Bond Girls. One of them is assumed to belong to the MI6 like Bond himself, while the other one is connected to the villian and is played by Lupita Nyongo. We'll find out who will eventually join the cast and who won't by April, since that' the official shooting start of Bond 25. The planned release is one year later, on April 09, 2020.

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