AI Produces Full South Park Episodes

The South Park creators are already experimenting with the possibilities

by Tom Hartig on July 21, 2023

Incredible: South Park episodes can now be produced entirely by an artificial intelligence! And with just some simple steps, you can also make yourself the star of the satirical show.

Edward Saatchi, the head of the company Fable Simulation, explains to the website GamesBeat that the AI not only creates dialogue, but also animates everything, produces the voices and takes over the editing. You only need to give the system, called AI Showrunner, one or two sentences, and it will generate an entire South Park episode. If you also supply the system with photos and the voice of a person, they can be easily integrated into the series.

However, the South Park AI is not designed for public use. It was developed solely for research purposes and does not currently have the necessary rights for general usage. In fact, neither South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone knew about the project, nor producer Comedy Central. However, Comedy Central is already experimenting with the use of artificial intelligence in the production of their shows and has already had an episode of South Park in part written by ChatGPT.

AI is currently a hot topic in the entertainment industry. How to deal with it is one of the key issues in the ongoing writers' and actors' strike in the United States. They see the future of their work at risk and are protesting, for example, against the unfair use of their work in training new artificial intelligences.

It may only be a matter of time before movies and series are largely produced with AI-generated content. We are especially interested in seeing what this means for the studios when people can simply create their own entertainment with a click sooner or later.