New Cast for "The Witcher": Seven Actors Engaged

One of them will embody the feared mage Rience

by Pierre Lorenz on March 23, 2021

As Netflix announced on Twitter last Monday, a total of seven new actors have been cast for the upcoming second season of "The Witcher". The two most prominent characters, named Dijkstra and Rience, will be portrayed by Graham McTavish and Chris Fulton. While the clever Dijkstra acts as the head of the Redanian Intelligence, the powerful mage Rience presumably targets Geralt's foster daughter Ciri and the Witcher himself. Other new additions include the priestess Nenneke, played by Adjoa Andoh, Philippa Eilhart, played by Cassie Clare, as well as Fenn, Codringher and Ba'lian. The biggest thrill of anticipation for fans will probably come from the aforementioned Chris Fulton as Rience, who is undoubtedly one of the sorcerer's most unpleasant adversaries in the book series. The mage is often considered perhaps not to be the most powerful, yet the most brutal and sadistic villain. He usually operates on behalf of Vilgefortz, who in turn has a good chance of becoming Geralt's main antagonist over the course of the series. Unfortunately, there is no news as of yet as to when Season 2 of the acclaimed Netflix series will be released, but until then fans can look forward to the animated film "The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf" first. 

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