Thunderbolts: MCU movie put on hold

The WGA strike claims the next victims

by Tom Hartig on May 25, 2023

The writers' strike in the USA claims its next victims: The MCU productions "Thunderbolts" & "Wonder Man" have been put on hold according to a report by Deadline.

Actually, the shooting of Marvel's giant project "Thunderbolts" was supposed to start in Atlanta in 3 weeks. The film brings together various antiheroes of the MCU to form a powerful group, including Bucky Barnes aka the Wintersoldier. The crew was informed at short notice about the break - it is to continue at the earliest when the strike is over. When that will happen is currently written in the stars.

"Thunderbolts" thus joins other Marvel productions that have been stopped for the time being. Recently, the reboot of "Blade" had to take a break, and the series "Wonder Man" is also affected. Currently, the theatrical release date for "Thunderbolts" is still listed as 7/24/2024. We will keep you up to date on whether this date can be kept.