Saints Row franchise gets new movie

What can one expect from the film adaptation?

by Pierre Lorenz on May 1, 2019

After four published video games, the Saints Row series will now also be made into a film.

Saints Row 4 was the latest release for PC and console in 2013. Now several companies have

teamed up to produce a movie for the popular series. Among them is the German company

Koch, which not only owns the rights to the video game series but was also responsible for

the latest releases Saints Row 4 and Saints Row Gat out of Hell.

F. Gary Gray, who has already been involved behind the scenes in action movies like The

Italian Job, is also supposed to be part of it. In addition, Gray is currently working for Men in

Black international and also had a hand in Straight outta Compton - so he doesn't have a lack

of qualification. Greg Russo was hired as a screenwriter and has worked among others on

Resident Evil and Mortal Combat.

So in fact they have found quite skilled people, but nevertheless many fans will be skeptical

about the filming of Saints Row, after all, filmed video games have very often disappointed

the high expectations of the fans.

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