Knives Out 2: Netflix Announces Plot and Cast

The movie is set to hit the streaming service later this year

by Pierre Lorenz on January 24, 2022

With "Knives Out", an extremely popular and successful representative of the so-called whodunit genre was released shortly before the pandemic. The story by director and screenwriter Rian Johnson, which could undoubtedly have been written by Agatha Christie, centered on an unsolved death and the brilliant detective Benoit Blanc, played by "Bond" actor Daniel Craig. Shortly after the movie's release in early 2020, Johnson clarified that "Knives Out" had been planned as a trilogy and that they would like to continue Benoit Blanc's quirky adventures. Now that Johnson and his co-producer Ram Bergman have signed a $469 million deal with Netflix, initial information on the cast as well as the planned release of the sequel is available, following the conclusion of production last September. Accordingly, Ethan Hawke, Dave Bautista, Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson and even "Fight Club" star Edward Norton are to be part of the cast in the upcoming installment. "WandaVision" actress Kathryn Hahn and soul singer Janelle Monáe are among the cast as well. The top-class stars of the previous film, on the other hand, are no longer expected to be involved, since the story of the Thrombey family came to a close at the end of Part 1. There is still no info on the new story. However, the movie is scheduled for release on Netflix this fall. 

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