BioShock: Netflix produces own video game adaption

Meanwhile, a new video game is also in the works

by Pierre Lorenz on February 15, 2022

Released in 2007, the game "BioShock" and its two successors are among the absolute classics of the gaming world, which is now waiting for the announced fourth part of the franchise following "BioShock Infinite" which was released in 2013. But that's not all fans can look forward to soon: Netflix has announced its own movie adaption of "BioShock" via its Twitter profile "Netflix Geeked". Apart from the quote Rapture founder Andrew Ryan posted there and the announcement of the collaboration with game developer Take-Two, there is unfortunately no information on the cast or plot of the project yet. While adaptions of successful games are seen rather critically in the gaming community, the mood among "BioShock" fans seems to be quite positive. After the failed attempt of a movie adaptation by "Pirates of the Caribbean" director Gore Verbinski, we can only hope that the Netflix adaption will not fail this time due to the high budget. A definite start date for "BioShock" is not yet known. 

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