The DC Superdog Makes an Appearance in James Gunn's Superman: Legacy

So far, he has never been featured in a live-action film.

by Pierre Lorenz on May 9, 2023

The Superman matter was certainly one of the most discussed points at the refounding of DC Studios at the end of 2022. After much initially indicated that Henry Cavill would return to his iconic role as Clark Kent, the decision was ultimately made not to continue the movie series with Cavill. However, it became clear quite quickly that this by no means means a farewell to the character, because we can look forward to "Superman: Legacy", directed by James Gunn himself. Rumors recently circulated that a somewhat unusual character will celebrate his DC live-action movie debut in it.

The talk is of Krypto, Superman's four-legged friend. As Chris Pratt and James Gunn confirmed in an interview with the Toronto Sun, the superdog, who made his debut in the Adventure Comics in 1955, will feature in "Superman: Legacy". The two seemed to be in a good mood and joked about how Pratt could then be paid in cryptocurrency. So by all indications, the appearance of Krypto is not only a rumor. Despite the humorous interview, the two confirmed that it was indeed an exclusive announcement.

Krypto previously appeared, for example, in "DC League of Super-Pets" or in the animated series "Krypto the Superdog" from the 2000s and, like his master, possesses superpowers. He also comes from the planet Krypton and can, for instance, fire heat rays from his eyes and has an intelligence similar to that of a human being. As seen in "DC League of Super-Pets", he can even absorb solar energy and attack his opponents with a solar-powered paw strike. We can thus look forward to some funny moments with Krypto.

The reactions so far have been very positive: Many are looking forward to Krypto's live-action debut and the resulting alignment with the comics, where he has played a much bigger role up to now. Who wouldn't want to see Superman's laser-beam-shooting pet in action in a live-action film? "Superman: Legacy" is set to arrive in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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