Release Date Announced for the "Rebel Moon" Director's Cut

The films are to become much more adult

by Jonas Reichel on June 12, 2024
The first two films in the "Rebel Moon" saga left both fans and critics largely disappointed – but the already announced director's cut is set make everything better. The new movie titles and a release date have now been revealed.

As Netflix announced via X, the director's cut of "Rebel Moon" will drop on the streaming platform on August 8. In addition, the movies will also be given new titles: "A Child Of Fire" will be called "Chalice Of Blood" in the extended version and "The Scargiver" is now titled "Curse Of Forgiveness". According to Snyder, the new films will each be around an hour longer than the original versions. This means that we can expect a total of 6 hours of "Rebel Moon". This enormous running time will be filled with more violence and nudity, but the characters, especially the villain played by Ed Skrein, will also be given more depth.

The new cuts are also likely to play a decisive role in the future of the "Rebel Moon" universe. After all, Snyder is planning a series of further movies – yet, these are likely to depend on the success of the director's cut.