The Last of Us: Actress of Joel's Daughter Was Announced at the Start of Filming

Besides there's a first picture of the cast

by Pierre Lorenz on July 7, 2021

The video game franchise "The Last of Us" from Naughty Dog has been one of the most important and best titles of two console generations since its release. Fans of the games are all the more excited about the upcoming HBO series about Joel and Ellie. Filming began a few days ago and, appropriately enough, there is a first peek at the cast. You can see Pedro Pascal as the main character Joel, Gabriel Luna as his brother Tommy and the newly added Nico Parker as Joel's daughter Sarah. Naturally, this constellation and especially Tommy's car setting immediately bring traumatic scenes to the minds of video game veterans, as similar scenes are also played out at the beginning of the first "The Last of Us" part. In the prologue, Joel, Tommy and Sarah try to escape from the newly emerging mushroom epidemic, and in doing so, they make their way to the city in Tommy's car. We do not want to spoil what happens after that, but just so you know: there will hardly be a dry eye left. 

Unfortunately, we can't give you any details about the start date of the HBO series yet, but a release before the beginning of 2023 is unlikely, given that shooting will take more than a year.

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