Chronicle: So Is a Second Part in the Works After All?

In 2020, Josh Trank ruled out a sequel

by Pierre Lorenz on August 9, 2021

Josh Trank's science fiction film "Chronicle" was released almost nine years ago. The story about the introverted Andrew, who later develops superpowers, managed to inspire some viewers, even though the reviews were not overly positive. Every now and then, fans ask Trank about a sequel, but he made a statement about it last year affirming that he would not make a second part. Producer John Davis seems to have a different view of things, not having written off the project yet. In an interview with Forbes, the producer talked about having a female protagonist as the focus this time around, telling her own superpower story. The story is to be set about ten years after the first part. Sounds pretty good, right? But Variety reporter Adam B. Vary considers the anticipation for part two to be a bit too hasty. Apparently, there is little progress from idea to production and, if anything, it is at a very early stage of development. So Vary tried to get in touch with John Davis. The latter, however, just put him off, as he could not comment on the current state of affairs. So "Chronicle 2" isn't quite as certain as one might think at first, and in any case we'll have to be patient for a couple of years.

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