Tiger King continues: Netflix is already working on additional material

Joe Exotics business partner promises an exciting addition to the successful documentary series

by Pierre Lorenz on April 9, 2020

Hardly any other documentary series has achieved such popularity recently as Netflix' "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness". Whether this series would have reached so many

viewers even without the pandemic is questionable. But there are also just a lot of people sitting at home at the moment, spending their time bingewatching series. But for a series with just seven episodes, bingewatching is over very quickly. That's why there are good news for fans of "Tiger King", because Jeff Lowe, the business partner of the eccentric Joe Exotic, announces in a video message that there is more to come. Lowe explains in the short clip that there will be a new extra episode next week. It is not known whether this is simply an extra episode or a special episode. Just as little is known whether there will be a second season of the Netflix documentary. But at least the makers of the series can't complain about a lack of demand.

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