Vin Diesel on the set of Avatar 2: What's the story behind the rumours?

This is what director Cameron has to say about the "Fast and Furious" star's visit

by Robin Klaiber on April 4, 2019

Many fans of the Avatar series may have been surprised to see Vin Diesel on Instagram alongside James Cameron on the Avatar set. Will the Fast & Furious Star play a role in one of the planned sequels? Probably not, since the video with Cameron's comments looks more like Diesel is just visiting the set. Even his statement that he's always wanted to work with Cameron shouldn't be put too much weight on. Meanwhile, Cameron jokes that if he talks too much about the shoot, he ́ll has to erase his mind. This all clearly just seems like a short visit on set, yet many fans probably have hoped that Vin Diesel will play a role in the Avatar movies. Avatar's release date is December 18, 2020, while its successor Avatar 3 is scheduled for December 17, 2021.

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