Star Trek movie by Quentin Tarantino

How reliable are his recent statements?

by Pierre Lorenz on June 12, 2019

Although the promo phase of Quentin Tarantino's new film "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood"

is still running, he recently also commented on his longer announced Star Trek film at a press


The "Star Trek" series can look back on a decade-long success story, and not only the

upcoming Picard series with Patrick Stewart, but also a film with Tarantino as director will be

added to it.

Certainly, the path to a possible release is still far away, but his recent statements seem


One of them is a preliminary script by "The Revenant" author Mark L Smith, which Tarantino

hasn't really dealt with yet. Tarantino also commented on a possible youth release, as he

announced that the new "Star Trek film" would definitely get an R rating.

With the other new "Star Trek" movie "Star Trek 4", which was to be produced by director S. J.

Clarkson, things don't look good at the moment. Currently there is little hope that "Star Trek

4" will be produced in the foreseeable future.

It seems even more realistic that Tarantino's "Star Trek" movie will be finished before "Star Trek

4". However, a fixed release date for both films is not yet clear.

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