James Gunn finally reveals the official cast of his new movie "The Suicide Squad"

Besides Margot Robbie there will be a reunion with other actors

by Pierre Lorenz on September 19, 2019

Finally the official cast of James Gunn's new DC comic movie The Suicide Squad has been decided. The director confirmed this a few days ago via Twitter and completes at least in terms of the cast his mini reboot of the first Suicide Squad part from 2016.

There will be a reunion with Jai Courtney as Cpt Boomerang, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and of course Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Also, the new Task Force characters Peacemaker, Polka Dot Man, Ratcatcher and King Shark have been announced. So far so good, but Gunn now contributes with

another tweet.

Confusion, as he expresses that although he confirms the named actors, their roles are not set yet. Other additions include Idris Elba, Storm Reid, Nathan Fillion, Taika Waititi, Peter Capaldi, Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker and many more.

When everything is working out as planned, The Suicide Squad is scheduled to go into production this year, with the cinema release expected in August 2021.

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