“Mission: Impossible 7”: The pandemic blows up production costs

It will take quite a while until the release

by Pierre Lorenz on February 8, 2022

It is no secret, that many distributors and film studios are struggling with the consequences of the pandemic and are to raise the budget due to various interruptions and cancellations. This also seems to have been the case with "Mission: Impossible 7", as the budget for the action blockbuster was recently revealed. According to reports, the budget so far is a whopping 290 million US dollar, nearly 110 million US dollar more than its predecessor, "Mission: Impossible – Fallout". What is particularly remarkable is the fact that this not even include marketing costs. There seems to be quite a bit of cost involved, which of course they want to recoup with a successful cinema release next year. The reason for the immensely high cost might surprise many, because while the pandemic is certainly to blame, it is also primarily self-imposed additional measures. The filming of "Mission: Impossible 7" is among the most rigorous in Hollywood. They gained special attention when a leak from the set showed Tom Cruise yelling at a co-worker without a mask. The internationality of the set must also play a major role, because different rules and requirements apply in many parts of the world, and this is now reflected in the budget. In order to be an acceptable success, the movie's box-office takings would have to be very close to the 1 billion dollar mark. However, it would then be the first movie in the series to do so. In any case, we are excited and look forward to the release of "Mission: Impossible 7" on July 14, 2023, despite all the postponements.

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