The Batman: This distinguishes him from the previous movies

Director Matt Reeves also draws a parallel to his film "Planet Of The Apes"

by Pierre Lorenz on April 21, 2020

Even before "The Batman" was postponed from summer to fall 2021, director Matt Reeves gave a short interview to "Daily Beast". Among other things, it became clear that the 53- year-old filmmaker wanted to give the new "Batman" a very personal touch and even managed to make the superhero film stand out from its predecessors. When asked how he wanted to highlight the film, Reeves draws a parallel between his "Planet of the Apes" franchise and Batman, because they have one thing in common: both were the director's dream project. He literally says:

"The way I loved Apes is the way that I loved Batman, actually. The only two franchises that might have been something I would have connected with, amazingly, are the ones I was approached by. That's been a very special thing. I can't say that about almost any other franchise, that they would have been the right fit for me."

Moreover, the director also hints that the pause created by the corona virus could prove to be quite advantageous for the movie, because when he thinks back to his past movies he also found something positive every time a production stand still.

It remains to be seen when the production of "The Batman", which last took place in London, can be continued. The new release date of "The Batman" is supposed to be on 1st of October, 2021.

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