Deadpool 3: Screenwriters Appease Fans Regarding Age Rating

Feige did promise an R-rating for the movie in the past

by Pierre Lorenz on June 8, 2022

Up until today, Deadpool has been one of the most popular anti-heroes the Marvel universe has to offer. The scarred mercenary's last appearance was four years ago, and it has also been some time since the infamous takeover of Fox by the Disney company. The big topic among fans, however, is not so much the still unknown release date, but rather the much desired R-rating. Many fans are wary of whether the family-friendly Marvel universe will make an exception for this film. In a conversation with "Den of Geek", screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick now spoke out about the possible age rating. Accordingly, we should not worry about it, as the two have received great support for their vision. Nevertheless, between the lines of the conversation resonates that Disney has not approved everything that the two authors presented. Thus, one or the other crude joke will probably be left out. Quite a pity, considering the great success the two authors had with the two previous movies without anyone interfering with them.

So, an R-rating will likely be given, as promised by Marvel boss Kevin Feige in the past. However, with small sacrifices on behalf of Disney and the MCU. Whether the project fails or can replicate the success of its predecessors remains to be seen. A release date has not been revealed yet. 

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