Arcane: Netflix Is Working on the Second Season of the Hit Series

The most important characters are to return

by Pierre Lorenz on November 22, 2021

The series "Arcane", which has only been completely accessible on Netflix since a couple of days, is becoming a huge success for the streaming service. Netflix already announced the second season this week and at the same time stated that it is already in production. The joint project of Riot Games and Netflix is based on the hit game "League of Legends" and is about the ever escalating turmoil between the two cities of Piltover and Zaun, which are located in the center of Runeterra. Piltover is known as the "City of Progress" and is an utopian paradise for science, while next to it lies the city of Zaun, which is considered to be a darker but also significantly freer version of its adjacent city. Netflix did not want to reveal too many details about the second season yet, however, it is certain that Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, Katie Leung and Kevin Alejandro will return as voice actors. Of course, we will notify you once a release date for the second season is confirmed. 

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