Upcoming Lord of the Rings series

GOT actor Joseph Mawle with own role

by Pierre Lorenz on October 24, 2019

In GOT Joseph Mawle played the role of Benjen Stark, the first ranger of the Night's Watch and uncle of Jon, Robb, Arya and co. As has now been reported, he is said to have been engaged for the upcoming Lord of the Rings series and to no longer be on the side of the good guys as in GOT, but on the bad side. So he joins the still rather unspectacular cast next to actor Will Poulter, who is supposed to play the central hero Beldor, and Hollywood newcomer Markella Kavenagh, who will play the character Tyra. Mawle is not the only one who is coming from GOT to Lord of the Rings, as the two producers Bryan Cogman and Brice Richmond have also transferred from Westeros to Middle-earth.

Further announcements will surely follow soon, but until the release in 2021 we will have to wait a little longer.

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