Two new video game adaptations to "Splinter Cell" and "Beyond Good & Evil" planned

Netflix secures the rights to the two franchises

by Pierre Lorenz on July 31, 2020

At least since "The Witcher" and "Castlevania" it has been clear that Netflix has a certain talent for the usually sceptically viewed video game adaptations. Through two tweets Netflix now announced that both "Beyond Good & Evil" and "Splinter Cell" will get their own adaptation on the streaming service. While "Beyond Good & Evil" will be a film in collaboration with Ubiosoft, Sam Fisher will return to the screen in the form of an animated series. According to Variety, "John Wick" author Derek Kolstad will be the executive producer for the series, which will consist of 2 seasons and 16 episodes. For " Beyond Good & Evil", fans can look forward to "Detective Pikachu" director Rob Letterman, however, the search for a screenwriter is probably still ongoing. A release date for both projects is unfortunately not yet fixed.

Image of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings Series© Ubisoft