Artemis Fowl and more: further movies in the future straight on Disney+?

These three films can be expected in the near future

by Pierre Lorenz on April 8, 2020

Disney has just announced its cinema schedule for 2022, including the massive shifts due to the worldwide closure of cinemas and film sets. However, some films have not been postponed, such as the novel adaptation Artemis Fowl. It is not supposed to be shown on the big screen, but only on the Disney+ streaming service. But "Artemis Fowl" will not remain the only film that will be shown exclusively in home cinema.As Disney boss Bob Iger announced, for some films it has been decided to do so. But this shouldn't be the rule in the future, because most of Disney's movies will still be shown in the cinema first, of course. But which films are actually still possible? There is disagreement about this, however, if you look at the films that were already announced for the cinema but then cancelled indefinitely, only "X-Men: New Mutants", "The Woman in the Window", "Antlers" and "David Copperfield - Once Wealth and Back" come into question. However, most of these films are not really suitable for the family-friendly streaming service. Bob Iger's statement of "some" films could therefore rather refer to films that have not yet been announced. For example, "Jungle Cruise" with Dwayne Johnson will not be shown until 2021, although a release was announced for 2020. We assume that it will mainly affect some small and medium projects, because Disney will not be interested in bringing TOO many movies into the cinemas next year. We are definitely curious which projects will be selected and will keep you up to date on further news.

Image of Top Gun 2: Maverick, Thor 4: Love and Thunder, Birds Of Prey 2, Artemis Fowl