Ready Player Two: The sequel may already be in production

Author Ernest Cline recently published the book for the second part

by Pierre Lorenz on December 20, 2020

More than two years have passed since the book adaptation of the science fiction bestseller "Ready Player One". The dystopian story about the virtual world of Oasis set in 2045 was written by Ernest Cline, who already gained fabulous reviews back in 2011 with the novel's release. So Cline also confirmed a few days ago that a possible film adaptation was still in an early phase of development, primarily due to the partially closed movie theaters. The story of the prequel could, similarly to the already published book, revolve less around Wade Watts and more around the story of Oasis founders James Halliday and Ogden Morrow, thus rather putting the focus on the origins of Oasis. However, the sequel has not been as well received as the first book, but Cline is rather unimpressed by that. So it's safe to say that nothing has been finalized yet, but given the very solid financial success of "Ready Player One", we can definitely expect a sequel.

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