Avatar: Jon Landau Talks About Upcoming Sequels

Also, a new photo shows James Cameron and Sam Worthington behind the scenes

by Pierre Lorenz on December 9, 2021

In less than a year, the first sequel to the most successful film of all time will be released. We are of course talking about "Avatar 2". The anticipation of a reunion with Pandora and the Na'vi after a remarkable twelve-year break is correspondingly great. Producer Jon Landau provided some deeper insights into the production in an interview with Total Film Magazine. For instance, the Sullys are no longer in the familiar environment as we know it and also the offspring was not long in coming. As we already know from several photos, "Avatar 2" is supposed to focus on the enchanting underwater world of Pandora, where, by the way, we make acquaintance with the water people of the Metkayina, who are new to the audience. The motivation for the escape into the wet is the incessant exploitation missions of the Resources Development Administration, RDA for short, which are making the most of the valuable raw material Unobtanium at great expense. Landau also raved about director James Cameron, who incorporated many different themes that should appeal to just about any viewer. The central aspect of the sequels continues to be Jake and Neytiri's young family, however, in spite of the changing circumstances. Thus, in between action-packed sequences, there will be plenty of time to tell the story of the Sullys with all its ups and downs in the upcoming three, possibly even four planned sequels. The five-part story has been in mind for quite some time anyway, since all scripts had already been completed before the first camera started filming "Avatar 2" - each with its own climax, of course. 

Further news concerns a published picture of the shooting. Director James Cameron and lead actor Sam Worthington can be seen in good spirits on the set, whetting the appetite for the elaborately produced movie. "Avatar 2" is scheduled for release in theaters on December 16, 2022. 

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