Shortly after release of the first part: "Shazam 2" already in production

The plot is still unknown

by Robin Klaiber on April 12, 2019

The superhero movie Shazam was just released in the cinemas, nonetheless, a second part has already been confirmed. If you take a look at the worldwide box-office takings, that's

quite understandable, as the movie earned 170Mio Us Dollar worldwide which is already a financial success due to the low budget of 80Mio US Dollar. There isn't much information about the personal details yet, except that the scriptwriter Henry Gayden has been contracted. Anyone who has not yet seen the first part could easily be spoiled in the following. The plot has of course not yet been officially announced, but it is very likely that Billy Batson and his super-powered foster siblings will meet the villains Mister Mind and Dr Sivana. This would make the second part consistent with the comics, which include several confrontations between Billy and the Monster Society of Evil. The sequel probably won't be taking too long either to be realized, we'll probably find out more about that in a few months.

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