Uncharted: Sony Releases Footage and First Video Clip

The corporation is planning a big video game movie adaptation project

by Pierre Lorenz on May 24, 2021

It's not just since the "Uncharted" movie that it's been clear that more and more video game characters will find their way into the movie business. Film and gaming giant Sony has now announced plans to bring more PlayStation franchises to the big screen. One example of a new project is the wildly popular game "The Last of Us", which is even scheduled to appear as an entire series on HBO Max. In addition, there are the two Sony games "Twisted Metal" and "Ghost of Tsushima". There is now also new photo material and even some video footage from the upcoming "Uncharted". The picture shows the two main characters Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan exploring a kind of crypt. The video footage mentioned was shown in a promo video from Sony and also shows the actors in a somewhat fancier setting. You will be able to watch the full adventure in theaters starting February 11, 2022. 

In addition to "Uncharted", Sony also commented on the cinematic future of "God of War". The cult series around the Greek God Kratos will definitely not be part of the adaptation program in the next few years, as a Sony spokesperson recently shared on Twitter. Many fans can't quite relate to that, since the last "God of War" was one of the best and most popular games of the last console generation. Possibly, Sony might just be waiting until the currently planned game sequel "God of War: Ragnarok" is ready to be released.

Image of Ant-Man 3, Uncharted Movie, Sonic: The Hedgehog 2, James Bond: No Time to Die