Friday the 13th gets a reboot

It is the 13th part of the long-lived horror series

by Jonas Reichel on October 2, 2023

After "Halloween" and "The Exorcist", Blumhouse now wants to revive the next horror series: Jason Voorhees is to cause fear and terror again in a new "Friday the 13th" film.

The production company Blumhouse Productions is considered a constant in the horror genre and regularly records great successes through several productions. Films like "Paranormal Activity", "Sinister" or "Get out" should definitely be a well- known name for die-hard horror fans. The sequels to "Halloween" staged by director David Gordon Green were also very successful. Now, in addition to the remake of "The Exorcist", another iconic horror series will be resurrected: We're talking about "Friday the 13th".

In an interview with Inverse, Blumhouse producer Ryan Turek revealed that more films centered around masked serial killer Jason Voorhees are firmly marked on the studio's schedule. He said they plan to go back to the classic formula of previous films. According to Turek, it doesn't take many ingredients to create a "Friday the 13th" movie: a summer camp, the campers and Jason Voorhees with a mask.

In addition to Blumhouse's planned films, a series titled "Crystal Lake" will also be released within the franchise, which the hit studio A24 in a collaboration with Peacock will be responsible for. Among the actors in the series will be Adrienne King, who already appeared in the first two films in 1980 and 1981 - a real veteran of the series. Splatter movie fans should hopefully get their money's worth!

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