New rumours about "Bond 25"

Does the director spend too much time in front of the console?

by Pierre Lorenz on June 19, 2019

Again there are rumours about the set of "Bond 25". According to the Sun, this time it's about

director Cary Fukunaga who spends too much time playing Playstation, therefore his

employees have to work overtime. And this despite the fact that they are already miles

behind the shooting schedule, due to all the other delays like Craig's injury or the explosion

on set. So apparently some of the employees refused to work throughout the weekend.

Rami Malek also commented on the shooting. The Bond villain, who is currently shooting his

series Mr Robot in New York City, says he talked to Fukunaga and that the plan was changed

regarding the joint shootings with Craig. Malek also says that he believes that with such a

franchise they would have everything under control. We don't know if the assumptions of

the sun are true or not, but one way or another its rather unlikely that they can stick to the

planned release on April 8th, 2020.

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