Aquaman 2 and "The Trench": These are the plans for the DCEU movies

Unfortunately no information about the release so far

by Robin Klaiber on February 14, 2019

Not only one but two news from the DC Extended Universe dominated this weeks headlines. On one hand it was announced that there will be a second part of Aquaman with Jason Momoa, on the other hand fans can expect a horror spinoff called The Trench. Whether James Wan will return as producer for both movies is still uncertain, but due to the success of Aquaman highly likely. More interesting is the question what Aquaman 2 will be all about. That Jason Momoa and Amber Heard will return is considered certain. And also the fact that villain Black Manta will play a role again was already teased in the credits of the first part. To the Horror Spinoff The Trench we know even less information, except that the title-giving creatures of the first part will play a larger role this time. According to a couple of sources, Aquaman and Mera will also have to deal with a completely new beast of the DC universe. There's no information on the production and cinema launch date yet, however, we'll keep you up to date as usual.

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