Netflix plans another prices increase

The basic subscription with advertising currently costs $6.99

by Jonas Reichel on October 4, 2023

Netflix is raising its prices: A few months ago, the streaming service took action against account sharing, and now there is a rumor of another price increase to follow up.

Netflix is still considered an authority among streaming services, but it also had to face all kinds of criticism in recent months. Many users criticized not only the quality of Netflix's own productions, but also the prohibition of account sharing and the increase in prices.

As Wallstreet Journal reported, the company is currently thinking about an increase in several markets again, which it could justify with the ongoing strike of actors and writers. Techradar also suspects that Netflix has been planning to make prices spiral upwards for quite some time.

Whether Netflix users will simply accept another increase in their subscriptions remains to be seen. However, it is clear that the streaming giant is standing in an unflattering light at the moment.

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